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In 1982, a group of professional engineers in Hong Kong with vast interest in the field of lighting felt the need of forming a forum and a learned society for the advancement of lighting. The Hong Kong Illumination Committee (HKIC) was formed, and registered with Hong Kong Government as a limited company. At that time, there were less than 10 members. Decided to reinforce HKIC’s position both locally and internationally, HKIC applied for and succeeded in becoming a regional member of the International Commission on Illumination (CIE). 

On 15 October 1982, the first Board of Administration was also established. Mr Kenneth Thomas Osgar Cox (deceased), then the Chief Lighting Engineer, Engineering Development Department of the Hong Kong Government was the Chairman of the Board. We also have the honour of the Lord Kadoorie (deceased), then the Chairman of the China Light & Power Co., Ltd. To be the Patron of HKIC. From then on, HKIC progressively increased its number of membership and activities in Hong Kong and in the Pacific Region.[Memorandum and Articles of Association of CIE (Hong Kong) Limited] 

In 2001, HKIC was re-named CIE (Hong Kong) Ltd. to reflect its close affiliation with CIE and CIE (HK) continues to provide a forum for the study and advancement of all matters relating to lighting. To this end, CIE (HK) organizes, for its members and the public, a series of professional lighting short courses on an annual basis together with frequent technical visits to local and overseas landmark lighting establishments and technical seminars. With contributions from international and local lighting experts, CIE (HK) produced two volumes of technical publications, which are widely acknowledged as useful tool books by the students and the lighting professionals alike. 

CIE (HK) also actively participates in the international exchange of information and in the formulation of international lighting standards and recommendations through the membership of the CIE. Delegates have been regularly sent to visit CIE in other countries and to attend international lighting conferences overseas to foster the tie of the lighting community in Hong Kong with those in the world.  

Due to the strong representation of the lighting community in Hong Kong, CIE (HK) is constantly invited by HKSAR Government to take part in steering groups that formulate lighting related policies such as Electrical Products (safety) Regulation and Lighting Code. 

CIE (HK) is committed to promote excellence in all forms of lighting and at the same time to provide the best possible services to members and the local lighting community. The Board of Administration has so far proved to be successful in leading CIE (HK) toward this objective and is determined to keep up this achievement. 

To provide a forum for the study and advancement of matters relating to the science and art of light, including interior and exterior illumination by natural and artificial light and such ancillary subjects as light sources and their radiation, vision, photometry, colorimetry and comfort.

To participate in the international exchange of information on these subjects and in the formulation of international lighting standards and recommendations through membership of the CIE.

To provide for the exchange of lighting information among members within CIE (HK) and between different countries.

CIE (HK) is also a member of the Working Group on Lighting Code under the Energy Efficiency Advisory Committee of the Hong Kong Government (SAR) to look into the introduction of the energy code for lighting installations.

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