The business and affairs of the CIE (Hong Kong) are managed by the Board of Administration (BOA) consisting of the following Board Members in the period 2024 – 2025.

The Board of Administration consists of the followings: 

Chairlady Ms. Macy Wong
Immediate Past Chairman & Vice Chairman Dr. Tommy WEI External Liaison (Overseas) Division 1 – Vision & Color & Division 8 – Image Technology
Vice Chairman Mr. Lawton LEE Technical Visit / Event &
Membership Card
Hon Secretary Mr. Ken LO Membership Card
Hon Treasurer Mr. Peter LAM
Members Mr. Thomas HM CHAN
Mr. Patrick PY YU
Mr. Jason CHEUNG Division 4 – Transportation & Exterior Application
Mr. Anthony CHONG
Mr. Simon CHUNG   External Liaison (Local)
Dr. T. M. CHUNG   Division 2 – Physical Measurement of Light and Radiation &
Division 6 – Photobiology & Photochemistry
Ms. Sunny KONG Membership Welfare
Mr. Spes Stanley KU
Mr. Joseph LEUNG
Mr. Cole SIU   Technical Visit / Event Division 3 Interior Environment & Lighting Design
Mr. Jack TSANG   Professional Short Course
Mr. Ethan WANG Webmaster
Mr. Daniel WONG Professional Short Course
Mr. Hugh WONG
Mr. Steve WONG